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LDPE Blown Film Extruder with Rotogravure Inline Printer for Zipper Bags

LDPE Blown Film Extruder with Rotogravure Inline Printer for Zipper Bags

LDPE Blown Film Rotogravure Printing Machine
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LDPE blown film extruder with rotogravure inline printer is a specialized piece of equipment used for producing high-quality zipper bags. This machine combines two essential processes in zipper bag production, the blown film extrusion process, and the printing process. With this equipment, manufacturers can produce zipper bags with precision, accuracy, and efficiency.

Benefits of LDPE Blown Film Extruder with Rotogravure Inline Printer

The benefits of using LDPE blown film extruder with rotogravure inline printer include:

  • High-quality film: The machine produces film with consistent thickness and excellent print registration, resulting in high-quality zipper bags.
  • Customization: The machine can print custom designs and logos, allowing manufacturers to offer unique and branded products.
  • Increased efficiency: The machine combines two processes, saving time and reducing waste in the production process.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The machine produces high-quality film at a lower cost than other production methods, reducing production costs and increasing profit margins.

The Process of LDPE Zipper Bag Production

LDPE Zipper bag production involves several steps, including:

  1. Material preparation: The raw materials, including LDPE pellets, colorants, and other additives, are mixed and prepared for the extrusion process.
  2. Blown film extrusion The LDPE pellets are melted and extruded through a circular die to create a continuous tube of plastic.
  3. Printing: The film is printed with a design using rotogravure printing technology.
  4. Lamination: The film is laminated to a second layer of film or paper to add strength and durability to the bag.
  5. Bag making: The laminated film is cut and sealed to create the final product, the zipper bag.





Applicable Material LDPE
Film Width 60~300mm 200~500mm
Screw Diameter φ45mm φ55mm
Screw L/D 30:1 30:1
Screw/Barrel Material Japan Made SACM-645
JS1 Gearbox 1 SET
Heater Capacity 8 kw 10 kw
Auto Thermo Control 5 ZONE 6 ZONE
Barrel Cooling System 1/4HP ×2
Main Driving Motor 15 HP+Inverter 20 HP+Inverter
Two Layer Air Ring Aluminum Alloy 1 SET
Extrusion Film Speed 8~15M/MIN 8~15M/MIN
Air Blower with Inverter 2 HP+Inverter
Joint Rotogravure Printing Unit 1 SET
Rubber Roll Width 400 mm 600 mm
First Pinch Roll 1/2HP GEAR
Second Pinch Roll 1/2HP GEAR
Double Winder DC 1HP ×2
Machine Dimension 5.6×1.8×4 M 5.8×2×4.8 M
Selective Equipment Varies Die  
Selective Equipment AEZ25 mm Extruder  
※NOTE: All are subject to change without notice. specifications and design characteristics shown in this catalogue