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Hot Cutting T-shirt Bag Making Machine

Hot Cutting T-shirt Bag Making Machine(ATH32-V)

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The Machine Features
Cutting Length 12”-28”
Cutting Width  6”-14” x 2
Cutting Thickness 0.012- 0.025mm
Output 40- 398 Bag per min (output varies by size, thickness and etc)
Length Tolerance ± 2mm
Power Required 6.5Kw
Main Motor AC 2HP x 4P Inverter Control
Feeding Motor AC 1/2HP x 6P Inverter Control
Conveyor Motor AC1/8 HP
Gripper Motor 1/2HP Inverter Control
Servo Motor Length Controlled x 2
Inverter Speed Controlled
Sealing & Cutting Device
Outfeeding Device, Servo Motor Control
Infeeding Device x 2
Hot Pin Blocking Device
Cooling Metal Chain Device
Dancing Device, Conveyor Device, Gripper Device
Heavy Duty Type Unwinder With Air shaft
Punching Device
Rear Feeding Sensor x 2
Obstacle sensor
Printing Photocell x 2
Auto-Stopping device in case Insufficient Temperature/Bag Jams
Auto-stopping device in case of no Material