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Zipper Profile and Zipper Line Making Extruder
Multi Layer Zipper Line
High Quality PP/LDPE Zipper Profile Roll
The Machine Features
  • AB40Z Zipper Profile Extruder is the pioneer of the Chinese world; The quality, output speed, service, research and development are deeply love by those in Europe, America, Japan and other countries.
  • Changing die can produce all kinds of zipper profile and zipper line.
  • The machine is suitable for LDPE and PP resin.
  • The machine produces high quality zipper profile in one high-speed and stable process from the extrusion mold, chilling water system, vacuum high-pressure air-dryer, zipper closures joint device, and packing.


Main Unit

Main Motor 10HP AC *1 Set
Total Power Require 17Kw
JSI Gearbox 3-Axis 1 SET
Barrel & screw L/D 1:30 42mm SACM-645
Output 20~60m/min (Ourput varies depend on resin, cooling, profile, profile size, operator and etc)
Stainless Steel Circulation Water Tank 1 SET
High-Pressure Vacuum Air Blower AC 2HP
Take-up Motor AC 1/2HP Gear Inverter
Take-up Rubber Roll x 3 Set
Main & Secondary Control Panel  
Zipper Closure Joint Unit x 1 Set
Chiller For Two Unit 5HP
Include 2 Die LD1513 PP1513 LD2004 PP2004 LD1518 PP2010 PP2225 LD2025 LD2040

Manual Operate Joint Unit

Control Panel  
DC Motor DC 1/4 HP
Take-Up Frame & Take-Up Roll  

Manual Operate Winder

Winder Motor  
L-R DC Motor DC 1/8 HP
L-R Return  
DC Motor Governor  
Torque Motor Governor  
Manual Operate Winder
Toolbox, Heater, Temperature Controller, On/Off Switch, Filter